Erich Schmid

Erich Schmid, an Austrian physicist after whom the Institute is named, was born in Bruck an der Mur in 1896. He studied mathematics and physics at the University of Vienna and received his PhD there in 1920. After several research years in Berlin, Frankfurt, Fribourg (Switzerland) and Hanau, he became a full professor at the University of Vienna in 1951. Over many years he carried out fundamental work for the materials physics area and is regarded as one of the most important pioneers in crystal plasticity.

1935 - Schmid‘s law on the Critical Resolved Shear Stress (CRSS)

When a single crystal is deformed under for example a tensile stress, it is observed that plastic deformation occurs by slip on well-defined parallel planes. Sections of the crystal slide relative to one another by dislocation motion. To move a dislocation, a certain stress must be applied to overcome the resistance to dislocation motion.

“Metal crystals can be deformed plastically without changing their crystal structure”