Most Cited Paper Award for Prof. Reinhard Pippan

The journal Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures has awarded Prof. Reinhard Pippan the Most Cited Paper award for his manuscript published in the year 2014. The editorial team on behalf of Professor Hong thanks very much for supporting the journal. It is much appreciated.

ECI Dubrovnik 2017

The  ECI - Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development VI took place from 01/10/17 until 06/10/17 in Dubrovnik/Croatia. The event provided a collegial forum for discussions on state-of-the-art topics and presentations of cutting edge research in indentation testing, micro- and nanomechanics, fracture mechanics at small scales, in-situ techniques, and size effects. Besides the invited talk of Prof. Reinhard Pippan (“Fracture mechanics of microsamples”), the highlight talk by Assoz. Prof.

Andrea Bachmaier wins ERC Starting Grant

We are happy to share the wonderful news that Dr. Andrea Bachmaier has been granted a prestigious ERC Starting Grant to explore the new research area of SPD processed nanoscaled magnetic materials. The project acronym for this ERC Grant is “SpdTuM”: SPD nanostructured magnets with tuneable properties. Following the ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Jürgen Eckert and Prof. Reinhard Pippan, the Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science (Austrian Academy of Sciences) now hosts three ERC Grant holders.

SpdTuM – The Project

Stahlforschungspreis für Marianne Kapp

Im Rahmen der European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) wurde in Wien der mit 12.000 Euro dotierte voestalpine Stahlforschungspreis verliehen. In diesem Jahr gibt es gleich zwei voestalpine-Mitarbeiter, die sich diese wissenschaftliche Auszeichnung teilen.

Young Researcher Award for Anton Hohenwarter

Dr. Anton Hohenwarter was awarded the Young Researcher Award during the award ceremony of the Seventh International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation (NanoSPD7) in Sydney, Australia. He was awarded with this prestigious award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to research in the field of severe plastic deformation.

Outstanding Student Paper Award for DI Manuel Pfeifenberger

From June 5th - 8th the 18th annual International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication was hosted in Toyama, Japan. DI Manuel Pfeifenberger contributed an oral presentation entitled
"Preparation of samples for micro-mechanical tests using femtosecond laser ablation". For this work he was awarded the Outstanding Student Paper Award.

WKO award for Markus Alfreider

DI Markus Alfreider was awarded the 2017 research fellowship of the styrian federal economic chamber (WKO) for his master thesis, “The influence of deformation and proton-irradiation on the mechanical behaviour in nanocrystalline stainless steels”.

ICMCTF 2016 Graduate Student Award an DI Dr.mont. Marlene Mühlbacher

Bei der „International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 2016“ in San Diego, Kalifornien wurde Frau DI Dr.mont. Marlene Mühlbacher (ehemalige Dissertantin am Lehrstuhl für Funktionale Werkstoffe und Werkstoffsysteme) mit dem Graduate Student Award in Gold für ihre Arbeit "Diffusion studies in the TiN/Cu bilayer system and beyond" ausgezeichnet.

Article featured as „Advanced Science News”

The article “Extraction of Flow Behavior and Hall–Petch Parameters Using a Nanoindentation Multiple Sharp Tip Approach” (A. Leitner, V. Maier-Kiener, D. Kiener, Cooperation of the Department Materials Physics and Department Physical Metallurgy and Materials Testing, Montanuniversität Leoben) has recently been awarded from the Wiley publishing company to be featured on their in-house news website “Advanced science news”. This platform attempts to present momentous advances in various fields of research for a wide public audience.